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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

St Patrick's Road Race = FUN!

I have said it before. Gotta LOVE the Original Saint Patrick's Day Run!  So much fun. This year, Strides Running and New Balance had a special event just as package pickup was ending. Shoes 'n Brews...It was a ton o fun! A run, some beer tasting was a great way to start out the weekend. I am not really a beer lover, and I found a nice dark ale that was soo smooth and very enjoyable! 
I got home and then set out my race gear...and was good to go. 
Do you notice a lack of winter gear?? 
We were blessed to have great weather this year (and last year too). 

 I got to the race a good 45 mins early. 
The school was already teaming with people leprechauns!
Before I knew it it was go time!!
I have been running, but kind of struggling with the mental part of running. But I am trying to persevere. It was all about having fun and letting go of worry - the atmosphere of this race is perfect to get out there for some fun! AND yes...people were wearing SHORTS! I was 5C - nice and unseasonably warm for March!
Photo Cred: Neil Zeller 
So how did it go??
1. It was FUN - was there a question about that?
2. I didn't run my goal of under 69 minutes, but it was FUN
3. I did better than last year, and its a great stepping  blarney stone to keep moving and kicking ass.

For the most part the first few kilometers I went a bit too fast - par for the course for me on a race. But a small incline for the first bit kept me in check. I feel for the most part the race went exactly as planned. EXCEPT for the potty break. Handily just before the 5k mark there was a porta-potty in the part. I hate that bathroom issue, but glad I went, so then I felt comfortable for the rest of the race. There were a couple of spots I let my head get to me and slowed down or walked...but then I just turned up the tunes and got right back atter. Every time I felt myself slowing down, I tried to pep myself back up again.

And when I knew I had 2k left to go, I pushed willed myself to keep up the pace and not listen to the "i'm tired" voice. I really tried to push the last mile...and really, should have pushed harder the last kilometer -- I sort of didn't push that last stretch. Buuuut - that said, I was happy with the race. Had I not had to "go", I would have hit my initial time goal.  I am getting closer to nailing where I want to be...and if I can nail two of these times back-to-back, I could really challenge my personal best half mara time. Was a great day for a run. I finished, had some water, ran into several friends, got some visiting in, ate some veggie chili, had a swig of beer, and took some fun arsey photos.

Posing for the camera - wait there was the official photographer...and Tara's boyfriend taking pics - Love the comparison of these two.
Neil Zeller was there taking fun photo booth shots - love this!

I also kept busy taking some pics for the Race's official twitter account.
Trev took these pics of me taking pics and tweeting!
Clearly, we all like to take pics.
I believe our winners weighed 9 cases and 13 cases, respectively! 
Honestly - best grand prize of a race - the beer sponsor - Village Brewery - provides one woman and one man a prize - their weight in beer. The weigh in in MIGHT be as fun as the winning part.
(please can someone draw MY name??)
Can't wait for next year!

Did you have a fun Saint Patrick's Day?? 
Didya Run for Beer? 
Get Lucky at a Race? 
(yes i know...luck has nothing to do with it...its all work!)


  1. SUPER AWESOME race day outfit, and I do love that prize, as well. :D

  2. Love your outfit, looks like you had a lot of fun!!

  3. Race was fun, managed to reach my goal (just). Still waiting for my extreme close-up photo though..

  4. Loved the outfit, loved the pics! Glad you had fun, looked like a blast!