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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Smoothies, Hemp Hearts, and a Giveaway, oh my!

It is no secret I love me a smoothie. They are pretty much a  staple in my diet.
Before a run. On the way to work. After a run. Anytime!

I like to be creative and switch it up so am always on the lookout for new ingredients to try. So when I was asked to do a review of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, I said YES!! A few years ago I got a few samples of hemp hearts in a race package - they sat in my cupboard for a month (maybe longer...) and then I tried them...OMG! They were great. I've been a lover ever since. When I got asked by Sweat Pink to do a review - I was all over it. It would give me a change to #trynewthings and add some spice hemp to my routine.

Another reason I am a fan is that they are I really like them is the are a locally grown product (yay Canadian companies making great healthy products. they are grown and produced in Manitoba. The company only does hemp foods - and they do it well.

So what ARE hemp hearts?
Hemp Hearts have a slightly nutty taste, similar to a sunflower seed or pine nuts. Be adventurous with them. (Their website says - sprinkle them on salad, cereal,  yogurt, add to smoothies or eat them straight from the package)!
Hemp Hearts contain 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of omegas (They have more protein and omegas and less carbs than the same serving of chia or flax). It's a complete vegetarian protein and it's natural - and a lot of folks love that it is a raw food. FYI: For an “insider look” into a hemp harvest, click here.
The first week I tried the Hemp Hearts in smoothies galore.  
So...smoothie idesas anyone?
My regular base for smoothies is Almond Milk and either banadas and berries. But I added flax seed, hemp heart and Vega to jazz it up.
One particular FAB combo I created was cooked squash (what???) whizzed with Vega's Vanilla Chai  and Hemp Hearts and Almond Milk. Seriously a great way to use leftover sweet potato or squash is to put it in the smoothie.
 And then I thought...I need to try this on some other stuff
Like a nice yogurt parfait:
layer granola, hemp hearts with plain greek yogurt - honey is yummy but optional
Like my vegetarian chili, or kiwis,
or even a super salad (eggs, beets, sweet potato, lettuce, carrot, tomato, the list goes on).  
Yup tasted GREAT. In fact so good I had to go out and buy more so I could make another awesome recipe I found to make energy bites. (Look for that recipe later this week!)
Wanna try some Hemp Hearts?
Enter to win here!
Contest open to Canadian and American peeps - enter until Sunday!
Do you need some more inspiration? Manitoba Harvest has some FAB recipes here!
You can also find Manitoba Harvest on Twitter and IG under the @manitobaharvest handle

#HempLove #HempHearts #sweatpink



  1. i love to add bananas to smoothies

  2. I've never tried hemp hearts.
    My favourite smoothie ingredient is strawberries.

  3. Never tried it and bananas are my fav

  4. I have yet to try Hemp Hearts, my favourite smoothie ingredient would have to be strawberries

  5. I love putting hemp hearts in smoothies!!

  6. I not tried them yet. Would be great in oatmeal.

  7. I haven't tried Hemp Hearts, but I want to. My fave ingredient for smoothies right now is chia seeds.

  8. I love hemp hearts! Nutty and delish! That parfait thing you've got going looks great.

    1. That parfait super simple - layer yoghurt, granola, hemp hearts...put some honey if you need. Or you could do with fruit too. It was the BEST desert!

  9. No I have never tried them and my favourite ingredient is blueberries