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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Trail Time!

Last week hit the trails twice! I love being able to get out there and get dirty on the trails. It is such a total change of pace, mindset ... and allows me to "re-set".

Last Thursday did a nice short (not quite) 6km trail out at Canada Olympic Park (COP). This Thursday am going to repeat! Ange and I hit the trails last week. We didn't plan on going together, it was just a happy accident we figured out we were both going and made a date!
TransRockies is hosting a Dirty Thursday run series. I am not really there to race, but to give myself an opportunity to be social, hit the trails and check out of the world just a little. We were supposed to be hitting the trails today but several days of rain has ensured this week's run is cancelled. So sad...I was soo looking forward to it!

On Saturday, I ran a 5 Peaks trail series race in Canmore - 12km (Enduro). I love heading out to the mountains...the view is so spectacular. Only on Sat, the clouds and fog were so heavy there were NO mountains. Really? They were hiding?
That was snapped at 7 am. 
By 9 we were getting ready to start the race...and the mountains were peeking through. 
I ran into Rachel from True North Runner. You see all that nothing behind us? 
Yes. That is clouds hiding all our lovely mountains. 
And shortly thereafter we started off on the trails. 
I snapped these on the second loop of our race...the views were just too good not to! 
It was 12k of glorious difficult trails. But it felt good and totally kicked my butt. As much as I love going downhill, the steepness and tree roots and rocky terrain is scary at times. But the smell is wet and fresh and green and pine-y! And you feel so invigorated. I was a little surprized by the photographer as I came around the bend though a flat spot to head back into the trees. 
The last bit of the race was some big hills - my legs were feeling it! 
But I love coming down the last big hill and through the finish!!

After finishing I grabbed some food, saw I won a prize a nice solomon long sleeve shirt, and then heard a few cheers for Carol! she has been running a little less due to an injury, but was powering through to a fine finish! A couple of us ran to the finish for a big cheer.
As you can see, we were damn happy.
And, I quite like the two picture angles. The pic of the selfie AND the selfie. AWESOME! 
Then I heard my name called! 3rd place in Athena Class in the Enduro Race. 
Yup! A great ego boost! 
Placing in Athena may not have the same as an age group, but it makes me feel great. 
And I feel confident now going into a big challenge this weekend: 
 Rundle's Revenge - it is a 25km trail run.

THAT is what is NEXT up on the trails THIS WEEKEND! 
I am slightly intimated. But if I break it down its just TWO 12.5 km loops. And I DID just run a 12 km run and was feeling good the entire way. I know I can do another loop. I am excited by the challenge to be sure! I certainly have the mileage in. Just maybe not all the time on the trail. It will be a grand adventure, indeed. I was registered in it last year to prep for 2 legs in Sinister 7. But when we had the massive floods, all was awash and the race was cancelled. So this year is the year to be brave and accept a change of a 25ker on the trails! 12.5 km each loop - with 400m of climb. 

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