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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Ragnar Vegas Update

You have all read it before that I was doing another Ragnar! Until the mara was over (yes, yes, I am working onthat report too!) I was trying not to think about it too much....

BUT since it was first announced, we have had some updates, team changes and a bit of planning going on. And now we are are registered. Shit's getting real! yikes. 
6 women. In a van. For 30-some hours. 
Running a combined distance of 200 miles. 12 Legs same as other teams. But with an ultra we run couble the legs as a regular team. Essentially doing three longer legs...and we will each average out 24-32 miles. 
I am currently finishing up my training plan. 
But I do know that Bondi Girls are gonna ROCK Vegas! 

Yup! Shit just got really real.
I am excited as well that I know 2 of my team mates. Amy and I met through Tough Chik - we were both in Van 2 - runners 6 and 12! I am super excited to be doing this again with her in a few months. And...I am not the only Canadian now on the team!  A fellow Calgarian is joining me on this adventure. How Awesome. 

I only met Ange a few weeks ago, but have been following on her blog for the past year. It's funny haw we have mutual pals, yet have never met! I think we are gonna have an awesome time getting our training heads together...and hopefully some of her speed and tenacity will rub off on me. It will be also nice to have a travel partner going to and from this adventure! 

In the next few months I will feature each of my teammates, but I know you are curious, so go have a snoop on them on their social media channels:
Katie -- IG -- Twitter
Camille -- IG -- Twitter -- Blog
Cheri -- IG -- Twitter -- Blog
Amy -- IG -- Twitter
Angela -- IG -- Twitter -- Blog
Jennifer -- IG -- Twitter 
and ME -- on Twitter and IG if you haven't snooped already! 

Let's not forget the HOST of this team: Bondi Band - also on Twitter and IG

And because Camille, Amy and I have done another Ragnar this year we will also get a bonus bottle opener.
Erm. I mean MEDAL! 
Check out the sweet hardware: Deduces Wild Medal! 
-- Camille did Ragnar DelSol in March and Amy and I were in SoCalRagnar in April --

I am very much looking forward to this adventure and all the planning over the next few months with these lovely ladies!! Watch Out we come!!! 

Have you done a Ragnar? An Ultra? 
What is your fav? What is your one piece of advice? 



  1. Hurrah! Another adventure to follow, I am so excited for you guys! And in Vegas, lovely lovely Las Vegas :)

  2. You are amazing, can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. You are amazing, can't wait to hear all about it!