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Monday, 16 June 2014

SkirtChaser: The 5k Redemption

So the week after my marathon was one huge event. As in a 6 day event. Filled with overtime and exhaustion. In order to keep my head clear (ish) I  walked to and from work every day, and didn't even try to think about running. And then when I tried thinking, I was too overwhelmed with work to do a damn thing.

So when Friday morning rolled around, I said I would meet some of the ladies who run out of Strides Running Store for a short Saturday morning run. Forgetting I had a 5k run on Saturday evening. haha.Stress makes me forget stuff. Oh I remembered Friday night, not to worry!

So off I went on Saturday to meet the ladies. Michelle wasn't feeling well so she and decided to get the fresh air and walked. We actually walked 5km. It was lovely. We talked about the Calgary Marathon I had run it the sunday previous and she was in charge of the water stations - and I was told by all runners I knew to give kudos and hugs and super Hi-5s for her fine work! We even discussed my upcoming 5km run. Just go out and do it and feel good."Take 'er easy," was Michelle's advice.

Then off I went to work for a few hours at the Mayor's Environment Expo. I finished a bit early and zipped off to go pick up my race package. Then lie down and head to the run. It had been cool all day so i planned my outfit based on that. I even thought arm sleeves would be perfect.
Then I went outside and it felt like 10 degrees warmer. Bonus! So off with the sleeves. And definitely no jacket for this skirtchaser run! Once I arrived - after a little issue with parking and lack of signage, I et up with Tara and Jen! Both who had done the halfmarathon at the Calgary, and with the promise of a beer after, and we were going to have a blast!
Lookit us! Ready to rock the run! 
Do we not epitomize fun & fab? 
Ready to start...
Off we go! 
I have to say i started out a wee bit fast. I was trying hard to not look at my watch, but coul dfeel the pace was too fast. Btt I kept telling myself just keep pushing, you can do this. First kilometre was 5:29. The next was 6 minutes, and I knew I needed to be a tad slower. So the next three were about the 6:30 mark - now I think I could have kept closer to a 6 or 6:15 but hey! It was so awesome to just run. And #runhappy! Overall, I was super pleased. I felt great! I didn't feel too winded, nor did my legs hurt. And I had a little gas at the end. I let one guy pass me and held off three more at the finish. And really....only 2 minutes off my personal best 5k time ever...I felt mighty proud! Hey...maybe my suck dial is not turned up. MAYBE I am on bad race does not make a bad season! And this race is totally showing me that I am doing a-ok! 
I crossed the line and had the biggest smile! It was hot! Sweaty. I had serious swoob and swass. And quite frankly. SWAGGER! I felt redeemed. Hurrah. 
And the beer tasted pretty good too! 

Klink! here is to keeping that attitude and momentum for the rest of the season!
and Thanks to SkirtSports and TransRockies Events for putting on such a fun energizing event! 

Yay to redemption runs!! Onwards and Upwards.
Don't you love it when that happens? 


  1. Replies
    1. IT was such a relaxed race, yet it was a race. The atmosphere was super fun. And a great night. Hard not to smile!!

  2. If I could have been in 2 places at once, I would have been at this one!! Great job on the 5k, my legs were still tired for sure for my race that evening.