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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Rain Run Gets er Done!

On Sunday I finally got to go for a LONG run with Michelle and Cori!

As Michelle tweets...woootie wooot! We had been planning for a while. And with my trail half coming I need some distance. I have been having troubs regulating my time. Staying Steady.

I was SO GRATEFUL for the offer of my two lovelies sayin, "Yes, we will run with you!". So no way could I bail with this weather. Prepare to get wet!!!

So we meet up and Cori snaps this pic! It definitely shows the rain...and the reticence to get out in the rain. We have a few jokes about going for coffee, waiting for it to clear.

Then Michelle says, "First K is the worst" So out we go!

So we get moving, and a nice pace. About 6:30 per kilometre. 10 and 1s. Its nice running. and the rain seems to cease. Its pretty laid ack, and there is lots of chatter. From me. The Chatterbox!

I might have let the other gals talk. HA!!! WE talked last weeks Calgary Mara (Cori did a PB 10km, I did a half and Michelle did the Mara).

We chatted about all doing the Mara next year, Cori's kids, Cori's dog, training plans and what works or what doesn't, why we run, how happy we are to have all met, our plan to do a relay in Oct, and a lotta other stuff. EVERYTHING, nothing, and lots of laughs.

Made the miles whiz by. We kept a nice comfortable pace. Tried hard to stick to the LSD plan. Work on that endurance!! woot. They were patient with me when I had to take a potty break. As luck would have it a race was setting up and there were portapotties on the pathway!

Then another 5 km later, at the halfway mark, we all had to pitstop at Edworthy Park. Man!!! Well despite the GI issue, the last half still went well. We slowed down a fair bit with the hundreds appearing on the pathway for the EnerPlus MS Walk. But, we cheered the runners and walkers on. And politely declined the aid stations! It was a great run. Slow, and got us all out there and we had a last. I honestly think that I haven't had an enjoyable long run in recent memory!! Thanks ladies! Can't wait for the next long run!

Soooooooo....What do you do after 18 kilometres? 
Why, you jump in puddles!!!

Nothing more refreshing than 18km in the rain...we LOOK and FEEL fabulous!

Thanks to Cori! for having her phone at the ready and taking such great pics! 
Mine was wrapped in platic as I don't have a waterproof belt for it! 

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  1. I love your enthusiasm. Even in pouring rain, you seem to be having the time of your life :0)