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Friday, 14 June 2013

Bowness 10km - Hitting the road after hitting the trails

The day after I finished my 5 Peaks race, I hit the trail  for a small local race in the community of Bowness!

My legs were sore, it was spitting rain...but it was a great day for a run! I wanted to come in around 65 mins...Its totally feasible!

Tara and I hung around  (went pee my usual 2x pre-start). Chatted about 5Peaks, since I got Tara started on that too. She only runs 5km distance, so the 5Peaks have been a real eye opener for her.

She is pretty fast, and the hills and trails have been a great ass-kicking - erm TRAINING opportunity!  She had done the race the day before too so it was also a challenge for her to lay two races back-to-back! 

So off the 10km squad goes. I keep up the 6:30 pace pretty much the whole race...then at the mid-point where we went off pavement onto trail, I lost a bit of my happy pace. But I kept focus. Jsut slowly pushed and pushed myself to get back up there. I was pretty happy that the last 3 km i picked right back up and pushed HARD (and chased a gal who had to have been 8 inches shorter than me) right to the finish! 67 mins was not the under 65 I wanted, but I was so consistent and it was a solid push, I was happy! I was also soaking wet (not from the rain, but from the sweatfest!). 

Tara snapped these in the last few meters of the race! Not looking too bad, I must say! 

The temp during the he entire race was awesome...nice and cool, no rain, just great. The volunteers did a great job of cheering us on, and most of us runners were all hi-fiving each other as we passed each other. THAT is why i love small community races!

Seriously I finished the race...i grabbed some yogurt, fruit, water...then towelled off, changed and went to work! lol. And that was my weekend! 

Now this last LONG run to prep for my first 25km trail run! EEK! 

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