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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

National Running Day Update

Today went for a RUNCH date (harhar get and lunch!!!) with  Cori! We've been doing it for a while now....It was a hilly affair today. But went a tad easy, since last night Cori hurt her back! OUCH! I was worried she should not run, but there was no putting off a jaunt for #nationalrunningday! Nice easy run on a hot sunny day. The hills always look easy...then you get on em and they push back. It is hard work showing them who is the BOSS! We got our sweat on for sure!

These were taken at the top of a hill, then as we boogied down. Surprisingly we are in focus! 

Oh yes...we got the BEAST on as we came down our hills! To see Cori's pics and recap go HERE


UPDATE: After RUNCH DATE, went home and putzed...then went for another run at my local Running Room! 
Got 2 runs for a total of 9km in today! 
Happy Day, indeed!! 

What did YOU get up to??

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