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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: CEP Compression Love

Between April 28 and May 26, I ran 3 half marathons. On one of those races, I tacked on a 10km race the next day.

Sounds crazy! It was. It was also a test to get me on the track to push my endurance. If it hurts keep going....push those legs...keep moving forward! WHY? In order to get me ready for a couple trail challenges. In a couple days, I will do my first 25km trail race.(OMG!). Then in another couple weeks, I will do 2 legs in an Ultra Marathon - a total of 30.5 km. eek!

I just wanted to say that in those three half marys, my legs felt pretty damn good. And recovery was quick! Sure part of it is training. But I credit my happy legs to my CEP Compression Socks!! Love running in them, but i also wear em AFTER the run. I honestly think they make a difference in recovery!

Thank You CEP!

Here is my May Montage of CEP Happiness! How do you #RockYourCEPs?


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