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Monday, 19 October 2015

#RunLikeAGirl: Miles for Wanda

This past Sunday my friends Sue and Michelle got together to do the Run Like A Girl virtual 10k in honour of my fabulous friend Wanda! Wanda had seen the ad for the virtual run on FB - and said - put together a team...for me! And so I said of course I will run for you.

Wanda and I first met in 1989 - at college!!! So we have known each other a long time. We recently got back in touch with each other and it is like we never were apart. This year, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It has not been easy...I mean, diagnosis, chemo, SUCKS! And I know I do not know the half of it. But what I do know is she is one toughie! during it all, she has a farm to run...the woman does not sit still! Here are a few pics documenting her journey.
 Within two weeks of getting her catheter in, followed by her first treatment, she lost her hair.
But first she went and got a sassy new 'do!
I have to say this girl looks FIERCE! She rocks the scarf, the lippie and a toque!
When I know some days she sure never felt great.
This past Thursday, THIS gorgeous gal finished her last treatment.
6 sessions of chemo, 20 sessions of radiation.
DONE until December.

So hells to the yeh. This past Sunday we ran 10K. FOR HER. We actually ran over 12k - a nice training run for sure, since many of us are gearing up for half maras in the coming weeks.
We ran to say Fuck Cancer. To say Be Strong - and keep kicking ass!
We will run FOR YOU when you cannot! 
The weather was incredible! We started out in long sleeves, finishing in tanks. 
Sadly, Wanda was still feeling a little under the weather fro her last targeted radiation - so she was at home...but with us in spirit! We definitely ran with heart!
And celebrated afterwards
yes. with pie. 

Over the past few months I have given a lot of miles to Wanda.
My first race in January was for her. Then a few more in the Spring. In May most definitely.
And when I thought of quitting, I thought of how she told me how she was so happy when she thought of me running FOR her.
I was surprised at how it felt to hear that.
I mean how could that make a difference?
But then when I thought about her when I was having a moment while running, I too felt a lot happier, stronger and determined to finish with a smile!
I am pretty certain I have a few more miles to give.

Here's to You Wanda! Keep Givin er Hell!

I hope you had a great weekend.

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