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Friday, 23 October 2015

FABFriday: Pats & Eddie do RnRVAN!

HUZZZAH! it is indeed THAT time again...
In honour of #FABFriday, I am reposting a post that my awesome friend and fellow
Rock ‘n’ Blog ambassador Susan and I wrote for the Rock Blog
How to look Absolutely Fabulous on Race day!
Can you believe that Rock ‘n’ Roll Vancouver is this weekend?? We are so excited as we just got word that our idols the incomparable Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon (from ABFAB) will be crossing the pond to run the RnRVAN 10k on Saturday! ACTUALLY Tina and Sue have channelled their very best Pats and Ed and will be in full FAB costume out on the course.  We sat down to ask them a few questions about planning a perfect race day!

What kind of outfit are you planning to wear on race day?
P - Well heels are out unfortunately, but chic sexy black is IN darling! It’s always slimming even when one is huffing and puffing around a 10k. How far is 10k again?

Now, how will you keep hydrated on the course?
E - It’s very important to keep drinking fluids out there - BYOB sweetie!
P - Run fast darling Stanley Park Brewery will be waiting at the finish!

Can you give us a sneak preview of your race accessories?
P - LaCroix sweetie!
Are you ready for the photographers en route?
P - Paparazzi? Ugh, make sure your lippie is magnificent and don’t hang around long enough for questions, suck it in and run past those cameras!
E - Oh no no sweetie, always strike a pose.
What are you looking forward to most about running in Vancouver?
P - The sea air darling! It’s good for my youthful complexion. Post race bubbles, shopping and all the mod cons the west coast has to offer.
E - Wait a minute – there’s extra bling for the remix? Is remix a cocktail? SIGN ME UP! How far is a Half Marathon?
P - All the photo ops along the way, darling...starting with the Inuksuk at English Bay and I hear there is a whole lot of eye candy along the seawall!

What fun! These ladies have #allthefab tips for raceday. 
We cannot wait to see Pats and Eds race debut on Saturday!

We would also like to issue a challenge to all you FAB runners out there in Rock ‘n’ Roll land. Get your costume on! Vancouver has a 10k on Saturday Oct 24, and a half marathon on October 25th (same day as Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles) – which is awfully close to Halloween. Is there a better reason to plan on a little dress up?? Who can give the best costume? Let’s show the Rock ‘n’ Roll peeps out there who can have the best time!

For #alltheFAB pics on Patsy and Edina's adventure, 
follow along on Twitter: Tina / Susan
or on InstaGramTina / Susan

ps - if you need some MORE laughs check out some of my FAV ABFAB moments that inspired us to channel Pats and Edie to run and have #alltheab fun
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