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Wednesday 21 October 2015

October: A whole lotta FAB

WHERE has this month gone? 
The past few weeks I have had a whole lotta running going on! 

Since the beginning of the month,  ran a halfmarathon. In pissing freezing rain (ugh). 
More on that race HERE
Then I ran the Grizzly Ultra in Canmore.  - where Tara and I split a 50k and enjoyed the trails!
Gorgeous day and so much fun. 
Then a whole lotta work and a few short runs were tossed in...
 I followed up with a gorgeous trail run this past Friday. I hit the trails with some gals an
we put 22k in. It was hilly, hiking, some great downhill running...and some great laughs. 
Saturday was some volunteering and a whole lotta cowbell!
Sunday was a the Run Like A Girl virtual 10k in honour of my fabulous friend Wanda who is just finished chemo and radiation treatments. She is one badass lady! Go read a little about her on my blog post HERE.
And...holy crap! I am off for Vancouver on Thursday.  I need to pack. Hell! I need to do laundry! 
I am so stoked to be going!!! Seeing friends and family will be so awesome. BUT what will be very FAB will be the weekend plan:
  • Friday 2pm - RnR Expo Fun (come see me at CEP and get some Compression!)
  • Saturday 9am - 10k
  • Sunday 8:15am - Half Marathon

I never write out my race goals - but this time around....voila! Here they are:
  • 10km: Laugh, take pics and ensure that I do not lose my FAB hair. Yes I am wearing a wig!  This costumed event should be a showstopper. WAIT until all is revealed! I think it is awesome. My partner in crime Susan also agrees. 
  • Half marathon: I wont be speedy. But I want to come close to my best time this year....I also have quite the supervillan outfit planned! It will be an awesome day to run. And have a beer after. OBVS!!
Watch the IG and twitter for #allthefab goin on in VAN!

I can't wait!! Yes. Bring on the fun!!


  1. Have a grea time! Cannot wait to hear about it... and do tell about the EXPO!