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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A FABulous July recap

A lot went on this summer. But not all that much blog wise.

I am not sure why ... some people get discouraged and stop running/exercising but for me...I gave up on writing. Not the run ...oh I ran! I kept up twitter and IG...just not the blog. I think I sort felt like a bit of a failure and walked away from writing. Spent from marathon ... and all that training. I lace up and hit the trails. Literally.

So...if you missed me (I hope so) ... here is a wee update to let you know what was UP  in July!

First I celebrated Canada Day with my Mom, Sister and kiddos on a Steam Train Tour! So fun!
It was a wonderful day to spend together and celebrate our nation's birthday! 
Yes a REAL Steam Train
And we had a train robbery too! 

I did a couple runs. Enjoyed the sun. Got some funny looks after stretching on the pathway, too! 
Had a great fun 5km run - Amble With Angus. Its a super local run where100% of all proceeds went to the  Calgary Food Bank. It was a great way to start the day. And, I was happy I ran into Victoria
Then I went glamping and enjoyed an extended stay Buck Lake for a family reunion
and drank strongbow
and napped.
 When I got home went and enjoyed the fairgrounds at Stampede...

And ran the Stampede Half Marathon! 
 It wasn't my best time. It wasn't my worst time. But I stayed steady and felt strong the entire way.
 And that a cool medal or what??

Then finished up the month with an awesome super hilly 7.5km 5Peaks run out in Cochrane - a great morning and got to hang with Victoria, Angela, Rachel

It really was a pretty good month! I was one busy little SOB! 


  1. You WERE busy & kept running! (No failure there). Blogging is like running: sometimes you just have to ditch the technology, enjoy life and be in the moment, savour those face to face encounters. Eventually the inspiration and desire to write again returns but you can't force it. We were so busy with events leading up to our big race in June, that after the race we may have felt a little like we do when Christmas is over. :( Glad to see you had a good summer and I look forward to more good times! :)

    1. So right (write) Michelle. I ust felt spent and then thought no one is gonna care about my blah blah blah summer...But I kept at the run. And sanity eventually returned. These coming autumn months have some INSANE fun waiting!!!