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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Running Thru the Decades: What are YOU Wearing?

This year the Calgary Marathon turns 50 making it Canada's oldest marathon!  So it is time to celebrate. For some of us that just means running. Race organizers have come up with a unique way to celebrate 50 years of running history  -- they are having a race day costume contest:
Pull out your retro running gear and vintage duds from the tickle trunk! Professional race photographers will be on the route and at Stampede Park capturing pictures of the best costumes. Celebrity judges will be watching the finish line and will name The "Best Dressed of the Decades". Winners will be contacted after the race and winners announced online on June 9. You must finish the race in your costume to qualify!
What can you win? (check here for details on the FAB prizes!)

Need some ideas? 
Me and some of my running pals have snapped a few pics to help YOU come up with a few creative ideas!  A SUPER FAB shoutout to Cori for all her enthusiasm and ideas to help me write this post! 

 Some 70s inspiration from Lindsay!
 Or some 80s inspiration from Nikki, Michelle and Yours Truly! 
(what you didn't think I was an 80s girl?)
Amanda shows off her 90s neon!
Shall we play GUESS the Decade with some awesome musical tributes
Thanks to Susan, Cori and Nikki for some inspiring running duds inspired by Elvis, Madonna personal fav...the Grunge Runner! 

Remember that you can wear run gear UNDERNEATH costume gear...
Great finds - running gear or vintage wear is found at Value Village or thriftshops! 
And, don't forget about using fabric paint! Always awesome for costumes! 
(you could use it instead of search engine is YOUR friend!)

If you still are not inspired...Check out my PINTEREST for some great ideas pinned there by me and Cori.

AND of course for EVEN more inspiration....
Tina Fab's Top 10 hints for making "dressing up" easy! 
  1. Keep An Open Mind. This is FUN and enjoy it. Check out all the pics online and be inspire. You would be surprized at all the fun things you can do with your running gear.
  2. Be Creative. You can customize your shoes with colorful duct tape or even KT tape.
  3. Do a test run. You know the rule nothing new on race day? Yeh.  MAKE SURE you TEST your costume? You want to minimize mid-race unpleasant discoveries.
  4. Vaseline is Your Friend! Use liberally to avoid serious chafing, especially if it is raining (this specifically relates to unpleasant discoveries).
  5. Safety Pins are Your Friend! Pinning props (necklaces, anything that may move) to your outfit helps prevent bouncing (you’ll know what to pin from your test run!!!). You can also safety pin a tiara or headpiece to a hat or visor. FYI – carry safety pins with you (say, in your water bottle pouch) for emergencies.
  6. Think Breathable! Not cotton. Wear lycra, or whatever wicking fabric floats your boat. THEN put the “costumy” stuff on top.
  7.  Don't Use Cheap Makeup Kits. If you are going to PAINT your face…use theatrical make-up, such as Ben Nye (this stuff lasts forEVER!).  
  8. Don’t use hairspray. Remember you will sweat. Think burning eyes. And, trust me. NEVER use hairspray. If you want to set your makeup…use what some of the fab pros I know use - Urban Decay's All Nighter. Still, I might not spray anywhere near your eyes.
  9. Dressing Up Can be Aerodynamic. Just because you are in costume doesn't mean you cannot run a great race or chase a personal best. 
  10. Revel in the Awesome. Expect some commentary. and have fun with it. There will be cheering. And it is kinda motivating! At many marathons there are always those who run in costume to get a World Record

Fame Awaits, people
Work the Crowd. Spectators are going to love you. Use their enthusiasm to your advantage.

Have YOU run in costume? 
What is your fav costume you have run in? 
Or Seen at a race? 


  1. Thanks for letting me get my costume-on. This girl is so sad to be missing the race this year - this was fun to play around on!

  2. OMG You sure know how to have fun! And girl you rock a mean running skirt!

    1. Thought it would be a fun post!! I love me sparkle skirts!!! but I am still on the fence of dressing 80s for the race....

  3. Love it! I can't wait see all the costumes on race day!

  4. This is so awesome Tina, I just love running costumes! I have RnR Van coming up and also the Campbell Valley Wine Run I’d like to dress up for. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Hee hee hee hee hee! This is awesome.

  6. Oh I do hope people dress up! I would enter a race just to run with Miss Madonna up there :)

    1. LOL - you can run with me anytime, sue. At the speed I run right now - I might even be able to run in the lace ;) and by run, I mean shuffle along...and by shuffle along, I mean walk...and by walk, I mean sit on the couch with my foot elevated watching doctor who until the stress fracture heals....

      But seriously...anytime...