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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Calgary Marathon: 5 More Sleeps!

The Marathon. Its looming. 

Really I am not panicked. I have momentary freak outs. 

Then I have moments of zen...where I say...yes. YES you can.
Then I get all up in muh grill and say..oh yesss. you WILL
Clearly I like me some power animals! 
I have trained. I have had my setbacks. I have gotten my mileage in, perhpas not all teh speedwork. And, frankly, I've had too much sickness and stress. But I persevered. And, I am (deep cleansing breath) ready. 
I am ready to run. To challenge me. To know that I have done this before. I will do it again. 

In doing so, I really hope I see some great signs along the way. 
Like this. 
Or this. 
I have a stronger heart and more determined head. I am ready. Sure, I would like to be faster, but that is not where I am at right now. I am going to be steady. Consistent. I will be present. And happy. 
Persevere. Breathe. And Believe. 
And when i get to the finish, this beauty (or is it a beast) awaits! 
Its a medal. It's a bottle opener. Its a belt buckle. 
Yes. Indeedy.
I think the most exciting thing is that I know so many people who are coming to the race to get a big fat shiny medal around their necks. This is gonna be a FAB 50th birthday party for Calgary Marathon. 
And, we are lucky to be able to run it. We have our health! Klink!
And we shall all proudly walk funny for a few days afterwards! 


Oh. YES. And I have one hellova kickass soundtrack for my run too! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!! its a case of get er done. and steady consistent work wins out. I count on that! xx

  2. When we get those big giant medals after the race there is a good possibility we'll just tip over :) *pass me a beer down here*

    1. Visioning the tippling over bit.. OMG so funny. that medal is so ginormous. the pic doesnt do it justice!