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Thursday, 29 May 2014

RMSC - the 10K Weekend

I love running in Canmore! I mean look at the view!! How is this not amazing? Love the air, Heck I even forgive the hills out here. And, since we are talking mountains, there are hills. #holyhills
 The Rocky Mountain Soap Women's Run was moved back this year and fell a week before the Calgary Marathon. Because of that I chose to do 10km on Sat and 10km Sunday. The goal would not be to have a best time, but to remain steady and do a time that would set me up for a great run at the Calgary Mara! The night before I set out the outfits....
And set the alarm as Tara was picking me up VERY early on Saturday to drive out to Canmore for the run! As I waited I tried to think about race strategy. Then I settled on the 'just run and have fun and push up on the hills' strategy. Sounded like a hella good plan!
Tara was walking the half and I would do the 10km. It really was a beauty day for it!! 
Or so it seemed around 630 am! 
 The hour long rive was awesome! And once we got to the Nordic Centre - YES! It was awesome.
 The start of the race...As you can see - an amazing view!
One of the things that makes this race so awesome is the aromatherapy cloths (the volunteers are prepping them in the photo) and the goodie bags at the end of the race! And the super cute t-shirts! 
And Buffs...funny no pics of the buff, tho. 
So now finally. Time to get a move on!
My usual...before selfies...
The race itself went quite well. I remained very steady. I did slow down a bit at the the 5km an 6km mark and the 8 and 9 km mark. Just felt a little tired and distracted. I could not see my data, but knew I was really steady throughout the entire race. I mentally noted a couple trouble spots that I could FIX the following day...But here is a bombshell. IF i forget about time, pace, performance - and just enjoy the run, I run better. Sure this was not a personal best. But I felt so GOOD the entire time. Running out in Canmore at the Nordic Centre just feels good. It is my #runhappy spot. I forget about what it SHOULD be and can JUST BE. I love that about running out here. Good thing, since i think I have 4 more races out her before September!!  
Run Finished in about 72 minutes. I was pleased. Sure I would love to be able to pop off more like 66-67 mins...but I do have a marathon in a week...And I can try to do a little better tomorrow too! I popped over to say hi to Simon Donato of Stoked Oats and Boundless fame...and had a visit and ate some oatmeal. Then I whipped over to help out at the Strides tent to help sell merch as we were rather busy! Tara came and got me when she was done. She shopped a bit, while I finished my shift.

Off we drove...and once again...reminded how glorious this town it! 
We checked in and then had a lie down. Normally I don't do that, but \why not. 
We conked right out and slept for a couple hours!! 
Then we went for dinner and had a glass of bubbly to celebrate.
 And then we decided to have a nightcap at the hotel...but there were no cups or glasses. 
Handy we both had our hand-helds at the ready (and the foam roller)! 

And then we got to sleep in til 8 since Sunday didn't start til 10! So lots of time for jacking around.
Overall I ran a steady race. It was the exact same race as the day before. And in spite of having a couple glasses of wine, I felt rested and fine. I drank a lot of water the day and night before. And, I popped  a good dose of ENERGYbits when I got up. And again just before the race and felt energized. This time I did not carry water and was just fine with three water stops available to me on 10k route. I pushed on the hills I knew I needed to and felt comfortable the entire time. I remained focused and my mind did not wander like Saturday. I suppose one's goal is not to be comfortable but to push the boundaries. However, I wanted to finish strong and feel good going into a marathon. And I felt great afterwards. And I finished almost a minute and a half faster than the day before! Score!! And a few days later when uploading data, I was very close on pace for both races. Did a tad better on a couple hills. Another score! 
Our friend Jen was running with her mom on Sunday, but we never caught up with them until after the race. But we all had a great run! I was faster than the day before, and remained nice and steady in pace. Jen's mom was 3rd in her age group - a first for Gabrielle! We were so pleased for her!! And both Jen and Tara ran strong races. A great day by all! It's such a feel good celebrate girl power race and you really leave filled with a lotta love. Such a great atmosphere!  Jen wearing the Rocky Mountain Soap Women's Run Buff - I am wearing the Fast and Female Buff! 

And then it was time to go home....sigh...
Oh and you know how I always hate my race photos? 
Somehow THIS race always gives me ones that are pretty darn good! 
Here are Saturday's
and Sunday's
(And I only left out one really bad one!!)

So now to concentrate on my big bad mara next weekend! eep

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  1. Love this, so pretty running with the mountains behind you :) And clearly a bunch of fun!