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Monday, 21 April 2014

Part 4: Ragnar = #runHappy AND Ragnar news!

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Yes! I finished!'s quite interesting how emotional I still get (almost 2 weeks later) when I think about what my Ragnar experience did for me.....refresh, remind me about running happy!!!

From start to finish, we all were smiling! And laughing! And crying! And testing our mettle. 
Hell yeh! Team Tough Chik indeed

Being in close quarters with these amazing ladies is  truly awesome. I got a chance to meet 13 awesome women. Each one is truly fabulous and special in her own right. Someof us were coming back from injury, some of us had never ran that far, some of us were questioning our abilities. And each and every time one of us doubted, someone else was there to hold a hand or push or cheer or boost the mood with a pep talk!

We all conquered something in taking on this race! And we had a freakin blast. 
Some might say that being cooped up in a van with some strangers (or even friends) for 36 hours sounds like Hell on Earth. But I say if you have never done a relay, you should try one!

Big or small - I have done both. And LOVE em! 

I love the bond that is created with everyone. I love the strength you gain from others. I love how you can take turns leaning on each other. Knowing there is a support for you. Knowing that any moment a van of screaming hooting hollering crazy women will come careening around a corner to cheer you on and make you laugh. loud you really can cheer when your team mate comes rounding the bend.

And surprising how emotional this whole thing really is. 
And how much something so tough and yet so fun teaches you that YES. YOU. CAN. 

And that when you aren't sure you can dig deeper you find something inside you might not have known you had. All because of those last 30 some hours you've spent with a hilarious, hell bent on being awesome group of women!

And, as crazy as this sounds....

I CANNOT believe I am getting the amazing opportunity to do another RAGNAR....

Yup....I have some (bordering on insane) Ragnar news. In November, I will be joining Bondi Band on their corporate team for #LVRagnar. But instead of me meeting 11 strangers to will be 5 strangers. This is an ULTRA team. We will each be running a marathon (and some of us more) over 30+ hour time period. I am very honoured to be on a team picked by Bondi and we hail from Texas, California, Arizona, and little ol me from Calgary, Alberta!  Yes it is farther than I've run before...but it is also over a 24-30 some hour period. I am thinking about my training and am confident this is totally doable! Bring. It. On. 



  1. Wow! Awesome news. Congratulations! You can do it.

  2. Thanks ladies! At first I was not so sure...but yo know if you break up the runs...and train in back to back runs too slowly building up in distance WHY NOT??? IT will be an awesome challenge to be sure!

  3. Wow so cool! I loved your pics from the last Ragnar!

  4. So exciting, not only do you have an amazing challenge but you get to celebrate in Vegas after! Can't wait to follow along with your adventures online :) Go Tina!

  5. Great job Tina! Something to look back on and something to look forward to!