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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Run 29Km DONE

Soooo...its easter and I go home to Mom's. Rnning mojo is lacking! So Crystal and I hatch a plan for her to come join me. She drives from Red Deer and off we go! All the pics are taken by Chrystal, as my iPhone died (the screen is kaput) and I am phoneless at the mo....oh woe is me). Check out her Stettler BlogPost here!

We had planned to do I checked out all the routes and instead of running loops around town and dosing local traffic, I suggest a nice route out on the highway. We start out from Moms and take some pathways  until we get to highway 56 (which heads out towards Camrose). So we've gone about 4km when we hit the highway. Apparently, we are to go until we hit 601 and head on up to Pheasantback Golf Course. If we do that and turn back we'll get in the miles.

We actually got in 29km. It was a clear day, which was a relief given the snowfall the day before. (Groa: when is spring going to END?)
Do we go this way? Asks Chrystal? 

Yup I say...and I keep following her. 
The only time I get ahead of her is when she pops off to see a sight (aka potty break)!
But really it is a good run. Feels good. It is a tad faster than my slow run at first but I find my rhythm. We finally hit a corner and turn to run up 601 (a quieter secondary highway). On the way back we pause for some stretching and pics...

Despite the last several kilometres being really hard for me and having to dig deep. 
THANK YOU Chrystal for giving me her iPod Shuffle!! We dig in and get it done. 
We go home a different way (aka less traffic and not down mainstreet) and 
I see Chrysal race into a convenience store (the one by my house where I grew up!!)
Only 2k left (well actually 3km...but really who's counting???)

And as we hit the home stretch I have Chrystal yelling at me. 
Raise those legs!
Work harder! 
Keep Going! 
Not sure if I raised my legs higher but I tried...
I am so grateful for her encouragement She got me there that's for sure. 

And we got home and stretched! 

And about 4 hours later ate some turkey, ham, stuffing, carrots, 
(extra stuffing no potatoes thanks)
one class of bubbly and only two bites of desert. Took a bite from mom's! haha

How was your Easter? 


  1. Ha ha Was I really yelling? More like gentle speaking …. good job on the long run! They do get better. I want to run in Stettler again! So peaceful!

    1. You are rather quiet! But i sure could hear are very motivating!! It was a great run.

  2. Haha! Leave it to friends to push you. Mmmmm orange CEP socks! Awesome.

    1. Marcia It is great when someone who is a lot faster, and better conditioned can push you and give you tips!! ESPECIALLY at the end of a run when you are feeling 'please let this end'!!! IT really is helpful. I love my CEP socks. And running and recovery. SUPER awesome! I wish they had orange sleeves. AM excited to get my #teamCEPCanada package :-)

  3. Gotta love a push from a friend! Great run!

  4. Looks like you had a great run ladies!