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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Last Chance Halfmara 2013 is loomin'

On Sunday I am running halfmarathon #21!! I am all signed up an ready to go for The Last Chance Half Marathon here in Calgary.
Last Year's Shirt and Bling! 

I am really hoping to improve upon last year's time of 2:38:08. It is totally doable.


I have been recovering from a bout of do not have the optimal amount of energy. I also cut back some mileage. To conserve energy. That said, I am in better condition than last year. I've also been trying to eat a cleanly as possible and have been taking extra vitamins.

So here goes nothing. Just. Relax. Breathe. Run. One step in front of the other! Perhaps I am too concerned about TIME. And that that time is some sort of indicator on my value as a person. Or that it demonstrates the kind of runner I am.

So maybe I need to dig a little deeper and stop giving a shit. And just run. Today's easy run felt good the whole way. Sure it was short, but it reminded me that feeling good is really why I run. I need to remember that.

Also. I really hope it will be a LOT warmer than last year!  
2012's temp....BRRRRRR! 
 It was rather frigid, but still a great time! Of course not so sure what to wear...will have a few layers out just in case, but really until we see WHAT the temperature gauge is actually sitting at on race day, I cannot decide for sure!

I am also excited to see way more peeps (that i actually KNOW!) running this year! MichelleLeanaSakia and my pal Tara are partaking. And if we all send good weather vibes I am certain mother nature will cooperate, nest pas?

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