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Friday, 29 November 2013

Busting the Winter Funk!

It's that time of year.
Winter. sigh.
Snow is falling, temperatures are frosty...and one's mojo takes a holiday. How rude.

But I have been determined to stay focused and set and attain goals.  So first things first!


Why is this such a big deal? I dunno maybe because it will take 5-6 months of TRAINING? Maybe because I already know how bloody hard it is to DO?

For a few months I have known I was signing up. Then I would say...well maybe I will ONLY do the HALF! ha. Then I would flop some more. And truthfully filling out the form and pressing send was HARD. I was a BIG DEAL.

OMG! I have to go on the wagon. Wine and long runs do not mix. HA!!!

Best of all it was free since I won entry at one of Calgary Marathons special launch events!! Thank YOU Calgary Marathon!

eep. OK. so I am in  ... now what??
(This is not my first marathon, yet I am terrified, excited!)
Holy emotional moment pressing the 'submit' button.
Keep training! Focus. AND get some little tiny goals going to make it manageable!

Go for runs with friends! HAVE FUN! Do #runch!

 Also here's a good tip. Chase your fast friends up a hill. 
Do you see Michelle WAAY up there?
That was 6 hills, bitches! Get er done!
Run some stairs. Or well. Walk them if it is slippery!

And fingers crossed that the RIGHT job comes along so that I can plan a few races to fit into the TRAINING plan!

And  to make sure I don't slack off before SERIOUS training starts in January, I registered for a RUN STREAK with Strides Running! (look on thier site and you will even see my bio since I work there part time!) I have done this the past three years and man it is hard, yet it is one of the best says to beat the winter blahs! Here's my streak update for 2011 and for 2012


Are you doing a streak? 
Did you freak out (a little) when signing up for a marathon? 
Do all your friends think you are batshitcrazy (Or is that just me?)
Do all your friends (who don't run) roll their eyes when you start talking about THE MARATHON?

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