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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Review of Oral I.V. - Electrolyte Replacement

A while ago I signed up for an opportunity through Sweatpink/Fit Approach to review a new hydration supplement, Oral I.V.

It figured with a bit of summer left and with some hot temps, it is super important to stay hydrated. And I was doing a few long runs so I thought I neeeed all the help I could to stay hydrated!

I try to eat clean , eliminating any sugar and junk! I avoid most electrolyte products on the market because they are sugary and tend to give me gastro issues when running.  I usually drink NUUN, or veg based electrolyte drinks like INRefresh or activefuel+. I drink a ton of water everyday, an even more the few days before any race. I always am trying to ensure I am hydrate. Perhaps I have a fear of being dehydrated!!  I wasn’t really sure about this product, given that I am a bit of a label reader and I was unclear EXACTLY WHAT it was….

It's basically a electrolyte replacement product that contains some minerals - copper, iodine, manganese, zinc, potassium, cobalt, sodium, selenium, chromium, silica, and boron in purified water.
“At ORAL I.V., we are driven by a passion to help people perform at their highest levels.  Hydration is one of the fundamental drivers of human performance. Without proper water metabolism and function, dehydration and its associated adverse effects can occur. We developed ORAL I.V., a proprietary formula of crystalloid electrolytes, to serve as a hydration aid without using sugars, caffeine, or stimulants.  After its development, ORAL I.V. was first made available to those who could truly put it to the test – members of the U.S. military and law enforcement communities. Since 2010, ORAL I.V. has been used by some of the world’s most elite fighting forces, whose standards for physical and mental performance are second to none.”
The company generously sent me two 4-packs of their product to try out, which I did.

ORAL I.V. comes packaged in some very carry friendly plastic vials. The vials are opened by simply twisting the top – super easy to use. They also have the instructions printed directly on the vial so there is no confusion as to how you use.  You can use it by mixing with water or just drinking by itself. I just drank it on its own followed by a few sips of water. It just tastes like some salty water...

I read that the effects of ORAL I.V. are instantaneous. I was somewhat skeptic about that, so I took it about 10 minutes prior. I don't know if it was a placebo effect but I think I felt a bit more energy prior to running.

There was no real taste. It didn’t have an icky (read slimy, gooey gel-like) texture (which made me VERY happy).

I've used ORAL I.V. on 3 long runs (20-25kms) and felt great during those times. I didn't have a PB or anything. But I did feel hydrated, not once in these runs did I feel like I was thirsty. I'd like to say I noticed distinct changes. I did not. But I was happy to say that I didn't feel SUPER heat issues. I would actually love to give it another try on some more long runs.

Perhaps if you take more, or perhaps on a more regular basis? I will say that I felt hydrated, didn't feel thirsty and remained hydrated on my long runs. And, all of these runs were on hot days. I think I would definitely have this on me for any endurance event!

If you would like to find out more about Oral I.V., visit their website at
Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Have you tried Oral I.V. or any another hydration aid?

I received this product free of charge as part of the SweatPink Ambassador program.
All opinions are my own! 

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