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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ready for Melissa's- 10km in Banff

Mountains. Banff National Park. Melissa's Road Race.Sounds like a FAB Saturday plan to me!!

Melissa's Road Race is one of best known races in Alberta. 
Sells out every year in less a day. Only two distances to choose from - 10km or 22km.

Back in 2010 I ran 10km in 1:24:56. I was probably 210 pounds.

One year later I ran 22km ...About 30 pounds lighter. 
It was my 2nd half marathon (well 22 isnt really a Half but you know...)

Now it's 2013. Time to try that 10km again. This year I know several people running. Whereas last two times I went I knew no one. Makes it a tad more fun when you know others racing!! 

Check out the elevation profile:
or MOUNTAIN  if we are being honest about the terrain.
This is not going to be a speedy race. Well not the incline, anyways....

I think I can say without a doubt this 10km race is gonna be WAY different
  than it was in 2010. 
And, I can confidently say I will CRUSH my old time! 

eeEEP! Now I need to figure out what to wear....

What you getting up to this weekend? 

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