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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Learnings from a 10km Run

Today I ran the Dino Dash at the University of Calgary. It's the third year I have done this race! 

In 2010 I struggled and made it thru in 1:22:25. 
In 2011 I crushed that and was so stoked to run a 1:09:08
So today I had a goal. To run my best 10km time this year. 
I did not do that. 

I know that having a "fast" run is not a measure of success. But it is hard to be OK with an average run. And sometimes I struggle with the idea that not improving is me being stagnant. 

(insert DEEP BREATH here)

Hmmm. Let's recap shall we? 

In the past week I has been miserably hot (I know I shouldn't complain about the weather when we didn't even have a summer!). Today was actually COLD and RAINY. 

Now that can mean good things when running, especially after a lotta runs in 30C (87F) temps this past few weeks. In fact, it was pissing down rain. So much so I decided to store phone, iPod, all electronic devices instead of taking them with!! 

I did wear my Nike watch for pacing. But honestly the rain came down so hard I could barely see in front of me.Keep moving was the mantra of the morning. After I finished my run I looked down to see most of race bib melted away!!

Oh yes it was a hard rain to run in! I Kept a decent pace the entire race. A few times I know I slowed down and got back into it....See pacing below...not bad. I can def see where I need to improve. And dig deeper. 
I was VERY glad to see my last two kilometres I smartened up and brought it home!  It finally stopped pouring and I was able to see where I was going. In the last km I unzipped my jacket as I was overheating...and in the last 700 metres I tossed the jacket on the hood of my car as I ran by it in the parking lot...(HA!!! how handy!!!) 

So where does this bring me? This brings me to finishing a 10km race in just over 67 minutes. And in hindsight, that is not a BAD time. Just not the time I wanted. 

I should be embarrassed to say/type/write/tweet that this is not a good time. I should stop being a whiny bitch. Maybe I should think about how effing hard this race was for me to do in 2010. Holy crap. I weighed 215 pounds. I struggled to finish upright. And it took a huge effort and push to get it in at an hour and 22 minutes. The next year, after losing almost 40 pounds, I was not consistent in time, but I was PROUD that I did this in 69 minutes. 

Not so proud today. But in reflection, this was a GOOD race. I didn't have GI issues like I have been having for close to a month. I only stopped to have a quick break at each of the two water stations. I maintained  a decent pace. yes, I dropped pace in a few spots...but overall, I ran strong, felt good, and was comfortable. So, maybe I push harder NEXT race. No more comfy. 

OR....i think about how this pace feels and I do THIS pace for my next halfmara. 

Maybe I need to remind myself (AGAIN) of something very important! Most importantly, I need to remember how good it feels out there. And  that sometimes racing is about moving forward. But not necessarily about time, placement, is about celebrating the I CAN, I HAVE, I WILL! And maybe if I stop worrying if i am good enough, I can just effing relax and enjoy the ride!

Its funny two pics taken after the race have my two current fav run items...not to be putting a plug in...but hey....check em out! 
PERSEVERE. I wear this bracelet for a reason!
 Love it! It's from Endorphin Warrior
Run + Done = HAPPY Damn rights
Love this great sweatshirt from Run Pretty Far!  

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