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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Night Race 10K

Gotta Love a Night Race!

Last Night I did the Night Race!! 

 Wait...Let's start at the very beginning...

I actually got up first thing in the morning and kinda forgot about the race. Raced to a local run store to join a Saturday morning run...then realized WHOOPS...I really don't need to run much...I am doing 10Km at 9 tonight.Then went home... then had a nap, planned out how I can change my life and get a job that somehow involves my passion for running (wait..that is a post for another day).

Then I laid out my stuff...And went back to planning my worldwide takeover. (read job applications - haha)

The run started at 9:15, but left the house at 7 to get to the pick up zone to meet Jen and her mom who were also running the 10km! We hung out, checked out the grounds, rocked to the tunes (and used the porta potties TWICE) before the race began. And, of course took some pics...taking time to enjoy the fun aspect of this run. Just hanging and having a hoot. Checking out the shoeporn (Brooks was shoe-casing the new fall offerings!!!!)

Lately I have been worried about time. If I am "doing it" right. If I will ever get faster, or be where I want to be. I have not been content with progress. Or have I been derailed by a lack of confidence?? Fatty Voice got in my head. But now I am pissed off. No more Fatty Voice. No. I have come so far, I have accomplished so much. And, I have a lot further to go. And even if I never EVER run a 60 minute 10km, I need to be OK with that. I feel GREAT when I run, after I run, when I run. So no more of this bullshit. Just Run. Just go and have fun. Feel it and accept what comes along the way. 

This run started at 9:15 as the sun was setting. I hadn't done this race for a couple years. The first time I did this race I had lost a fair bit of weight (35 pounds) and was about to run my FIRST half marathon. I ran this in about 67 minutes. (and then it took another year to break that PB!) Anyway....I think I got that PB because of running in the dark. No music, nothing but a headlamp lighting the way (and a few other thousand runners to chase!). I have always run with music. But somehow there is something about no music, darkness, the sound of feet hitting the path and one's breathing to make one run. It gives a new idea to find the beat of a run. So I spent a bit of time being introspective and recalling that feeling. And telling myself that THAT is the purpose of this run.

So at the start of the race, chatted with Jen and her mom and chilled. No music. But yes to my GPS watch. will be dark in 15 mins so will not be able to see the time. I am going by feel and am so fine with this. And off we go. I can sort of tell it is a tad fast, but I keep going til the 1km marker and pull back a tad. Jen and I run the first 5km together and she pulls ahead. I know she is looking at her watch and feels she is off pace. I resist that. and just let her go. Its pissing rain, the wind is howling, and it feels like autumn, not a summer night. Gotta love a summer storm. But it helps me stay cool. I push forward and take some deep breaths. I know that I started too fast. Then I know that for 45 minutes I was pretty much dead on a consistent time...then I pushed that back out saying when I download the watch then I will know.

But for now this pace feels good. Just keep this pace.

When I got distracted by the cold which makes my legs feel like led, I take a few deep breaths. Push on, I tell myself. Which is kind of easy as there are runners ahead of me. I can see. Chase them, I tell myself! You CAN. At the 45 minute mark I  slowed down a little. I was so wet, so cold, and there was a little logjam of runners and walkers colliding. s'ok...just keep going as I pass the 8km marker.

Then i decide I am going to PUSH. TO. THE END. Just as my most awesome bracelet says: PERSEVERE!

 I don't kill it, since I am being mindful of my hip flexor. But I am increasing the stride. And just smiling and saying DAMN I FEEL GOOD...push on!!!!! And I go. And before I know it I am rounding a corner and the finish is right there. And I see that I am 1:05 something!!! so yup...I get er done in 65 minutes and 30 seconds! yay!
(And much later when I check out my actual timing I realize my GUT was right...I was pretty damn consistent! HUZAHHH)

Not my personal best. Not the cleanest or easiest. But honestly one of my truest races. One where I just ran and loved the feeling. And put aside the bullshit. And, yeh. take that Fatty Voice. Deffo a #runhappy moment. I felt epic. (despite having a bad tummy for an hour after the race. HEY...thankful it didnt rear its ugly head DURING the race!!! haha.)

Looking forward to my 18th halfmara next week.... 
Honestly I cannot believe two years ago I ran my first.

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