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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Before and After

Last night watching Extreme Makeover with a pal, I was prompted to do a couple photo montages....

The first was me meeting Chris Powell. Watching the show last night really took me back a few years of where I had started. Then stopped. Then started again in earnest. 2011 was a turning point for me. I lost 40 pounds and was given a great opportunity from the Calgary Women's Show to have a makeover and meet Chris. I didn't get to spend a LOT of time with him, but I got to ask questions and learn from everything he talked about. From his show, to fitness, to focus. I went back to some pics from that great day in 2011 and I suddenly got some new perspective.

He gave diet advice - sensible and nothing out of the ordinary. But, most importantly, he stressed being proud of oneself and celebrating accomplishments. Being aware of how far you have come...and the steps you took to get there. When he said just remember that when you think you have done something push further, try harder, leave nothing left to chance. What he told me has never left.

And sometimes when I feel sort of weak or down, I think back to his charismatic FABULOUSNESS I am re-invigorated and re-ignited. At the point I met him, I had run two half marathons...I was just starting the journey of the kind of training it takes to do a marathon. I was still a beginner. Over the past two years I have learned a lot more about myself by digging in and training and exceeding what I thought I was capable of.

I found an old pic from 3 years ago and VOILA!  I still have a long ways to go...but I am getting there. And man it feels good.

The pic on the left was taken at a Thanksgiving run (Oct 2010) ... 10km in about 1hr21mins. Clearly walking and running. I had been running for a couple years - really as a fairweather runner. (My best time for a 10km had been 1hr 17 minutes at a Mothers Day race in 2009. Took me til 2011 (and losing 40 pounds)  to best that!!) The pic on the right taken last week after running 6km in 37 minutes.

Been beating myself over running lately. I think I focussed too much on SUCCESS. And what that means. Pace? Time? ow much I am improving. Improving how? hmmmm What other people think....really who gives a shit what others think. Because in all honestly I am my harshest critic. And, sometimes I am not very nice to me.

This year I had really been focussing on times. And besting a time with every race. This year I finally ran 5km in under 30 minutes (on my BDAY no less). I haven't cracked 60 minutes for 10km but I will. I wanted to run a half mara in under 2 hrs and 20 minutes. Today I am not sure I can do that. But, again...I will.

Right now, I am rethinking TIME obsession. Yes, I have goals. But I am not a failure if I do not hit a certain time. I have learned a few things about the RUN. Sometimes enjoying the run is more important. OR knowing what when on DURING a run. Analyzing my pace, understanding how I run or where I lose focus is more important than the time it took to run. And frankly having some frigging fun on the run is also important. Running with Michelle and Cori the last few months have REALLY taught me that! We have had FUN while doing some quality training. And FUN can mean serious work too...

And THAT makes me a better runner.

gosh I hope that ramble makes sense....

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