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Friday, 9 August 2013

a RADical run in Pics!

The Color Me Rad run on August 3rd was a HOOT! 
IT was super short (not even 4km...0 but honestly it was a fun way to get out and get dirrrrrty! 

I think the story of this run is best told in pictorial form! 

We were SO CLEAN to start!!! 

AND so FILTHY at the end! 

This is my FAV photo of the day!!! LOVE the colour droplets in the AIR!! 

There was even a great story in the Calgary Herald...where they highlighted several tweets of those of us who took to the twitterverse to chat up the fun day!! 

And of course AFTER the race they took "official" pal Tara purchased them So I thought I better share! 

I should add that when I got to work a couple hours later (YES, I SHOWERED!!!)  I was chastised and made to remove my RAD tattoos since they might be considered offensive. 


Will I do another colour run? HELL YES!!! 

I can't wait! 

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