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Saturday, 9 April 2016

GorpTASTIC news: #notsoplainjane

A couple weeks ago, I woke up to this announcement from Gorp Clean Energy Bars ....
I knew it was coming....but it is strange to see it out in the interwebs now! I am flattered, happy, and feeling really great to be affiliated with a company who asked me to be a part of this! They contacted me and asked if I would be a #notsoplainjane  and boy was I flattered. Check out Gorp World here! (yeh...start with my profile - HAHA)

So HOW did this all start? Lets start at the beginning....

First off...I wanna thank my sister for introducing me to Gorp! She found it in her local health food shop. It was perfect for her boys - with nothing "extra" in it! She asked I I had tried it...since you like these things for your crazy long runs. A few months later after trying a few bars, I bought a box at the Calgary Outdoor Show. YUM!! I got a mixed box.LOVED IT!!!! 

What is Gorp?
Sooooo..WHAT is in a Gorp Bar? 

I like to say a whole lotta goodness and not very much STUFF. No additives. No added sugar. But I think Gorp says it better. "Each bar contains protein for power, fiber and Omega-3 for health, and antioxidants for recovery. We only source the best ingredients for GORP bars…no junk, no fake sugars, soy, or preservatives. They’re always made in small batches by hand". Yup break em open and you can see the nuts and ingreds right there. That for me was a winner. I need real food for fuel. AND THEY TASTE GREAT.

A few boxes later  - and a few months later I lucked out and won a box of Gorp from a IG contest! I posted a post trail run pic and they sent me a great little care package. What made me love Gorp even more was the hand written note! Gotta love a small biz!! 
 So YES. I do share the GorpLOVE for sure! And, I mean it. ...

I take Gorp to work. It has been a saviour when I needed fuel!
Definitely it's in my car for on the run...

 And I do love to SHARE on the trail!
Thing is, most of my pals I have shared with are vegetarian and were suitably impressed by the awesomeness of Gorp!
These bars are kind of big - I rarely eat a whole one at a time (except that time with Crystal when we climbed Moose Mountain and ate 3 bars before descending! Man, were they a lifesaver!!) But they have a super awesome sticker on the packaging that allows you to seal em up and save for later! So no crumbs or junk in your pack.

About a week after the announcement. I actually helped out at the Gorp Booth at the Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show in Calgary! Fun Times. Chatting with folks, sampling and selling Gorp. Essentially I had a whole lotta fun sharing all the Gorpy goodness to a whole lotta folks.

It meant a very long week for me. 10 hours at one job, 40 at another. And then another 16 at the expo. And it was refreshing and fun. And, I am pooped! But kinda of feeling inspired and full of happy thoughts. So, Thank YOU Gorp for giving me a whole lot of awesome!!

Have you tried Gorp?
You can order HERE or Check for local retailers HERE
Do you have a FAV small biz you think is awesome? 
What is most important to you in nutrition or energy bars?

And lastly....Do you know someone who is totally FAB? 
Check out how Gorp got started

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