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Thursday, 10 March 2016

2016 Rock n Roll Discount!

In 2015 as part of the Rock n Blog team I ran the 5k and Half in Phoenix, the Half in Montreal, the 10k and Half in Vancouver and the 5k and Half in Vegas! So much much awesome bling! AND FUN! 
And the BLING! Did I mention the BLING?? 
The medals from these 4 races are so awesome! 
 As are the HEAVY MEDALS and the Virtual Run Medal! 

Rock n Blog gave me such an amazing opportunity to meet so many, many amazing peeps. People from all over I call friends and in my good and bad times they have lifted me! So even though I was feeling terribly down I applied for RnB for 2016. And, am super happy to say that I am in. HUZZAH! 

Soooo, what's up for 2016?
This year, members of the RocknBlog team recieve a Global Tour Pass so I could run unlimited Rock n Roll races anywhere ALL YEAR! I have never been so excited and so heartbroken at the same time. Check out ALL the Rock N Roll Tour Stops 

Even though I REALLY wanna run a European race, there is no way I can get there this year! 
Clearly I have to win the lotto OR make some choices. My current DREAM LIST is ... 
San Diego - June 4/5  5k & Marathon
Seattle - June 18  Half Marathon
Montreal - August 25 Half Marathon
San Jose - Oct 1/2  5k & Marathon
Vancouver - Oct 22/23  10k & Half
Los Angeles - Oct 30  Half Marathon
Las Vegas - Nov 12/13  5k & Half

Use Discount Code: CRANTINA 

Here's the Deal? 

In North America: Get $15 off any Half or Full Marathon (*except LA, Savannah, Chicago, Las Vegas, Queretaro, San Antonio (I shall  keep ya posted if I get a code nearer these races!)

In Europe: Get £3 off any Half or Full Marathon

Join in on ALL the fun!! 

You know you WANNA

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