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Friday, 6 November 2015

ABFAB does Rock n Roll Vancouver 10k

So last week , Susan and I (and many many others were in Vancouver for #RnRVAN! There was a 10k, a halfmarathon and a whole lotta laughs in between.

This post is ALL ABOUT the 10k race. The one where Susan and I dressed up as PAtsy Stone and Edina Monsoon from BBC series ABFAB.

So before I go any further, I need to say if you do are saying 'what is ABFAB?', then you need to go watch some episodes of Absolutely Fabulous RIGHT NOW. As Susan says, You simply must.  It needs to be in your life.

So yes. The story of the wig: I get to Vancouver and text Susan - yes anxiety reins in my world and I know my wig has not been done by my cousin...who I would have normally stayed with - but he was super busy with a last minute call to work and another house guest. We were trying to go back and forth on Thursday about when to meet and I finally said gotta pick the HAIR up Friday morning! I was freaking that it would not be done. BUT he says nah...go to the salon (the one he and his fab partner run) and pick it up there....So when I was at a nearby place for lunch whipped by and THIS GREETED ME!
I sort of freaked out at the awesomeness!
Sweetie, Size Matters!

And so I whipped out the long candy ciggie (stowed in my purse in case a pic needed to happen) and snapped this. I did not post to IG - as Sue and I wanted to ensure a FULL outfit prior to posting. FOR FULL EFFECT. But I swear I heard her squeal across the city when I sent the photo. (and, well her text pretty much told me what I knew. The HAIR was freaking monumental). So the hair and I went for lunch (with the fab Krista to the most awesome Heirloom - one of my fav Van spots) and then off to the expo. Ad the hair was truly kept under wraps until race day.

Race Day Morning: I woke up a full hour earlier than I would normal JUST to pin the HAIR into my hair. And put on makeup. Sweet Jesus! Who runs in makeup. I had the beset lippie tho - stain that does not move or wear...and waterproof eyeshadow and mascara. I put on all the layers, the jewelry and then the hair.
THEN I HAD COFFEE and a piece of toast and a hard boiled egg.
One needed some serious coffee after getting all that hair in place. 40 bobby pins later and a GOOD MORNING BITCH text was sent to Sue and Rachel so they would recognize me in a few when I arrived. (They really did know who ABFAB was - most folks didn't)
Then I walked to the bus...Trying to snap a few more pics but was cracking up at my reflection....
And then Sue sent THIS!!!! And I KNEW this would be the MOST epic thing EVER!!!
And then when I arrived I knew to go to bag check to meet Susan. Immediately there was OMG!!! And people yelling at us! ABFAB RULES!!!!
Seriously this was so awesomely epic!
Because the wigs sort of gave us alter egos - DARLING!!!!
And there were pics to be HAD!
Startline shenanigans then ensured.
Most definitely occurred with a whole lotta photos. I mean...there are no words.
But there ARE pics. A lotta epic pics.
WE met all kinds of adoring fans.... hammed for the paparazzi
And ensured our FAB pal Andrew HE would win it all!
 And then it was time to run! We positioned ourselves to start at the very front of our corral... I you KNOW who we are? And the EPIC grew from there. YES Patsy and Edina were on our bibs, too!
Umm...less than a kilometer and we were holy eff is it hard to run in this wig! That may have been uttered simultaneously! But we were cheered and high5'd the whole way. People yelling out to us how much they loved our outfits. People saying I hate to bother you, can we have a photo...I mean, it wasn't like we didn't stop and take a few on route was a hoot to pose with people...and then even see some online later!

Then we ran into Elizabeth!
Who snapped these gems!
The water stations were also FABULOUS along the route! We made sure to stop and hydrate...and I am sre we confused the hell out of some the poor volunteers! They played gamely along "topping up" our glasses!
And we had an Elvis sighting! FABULOUS DARLING!!!

Approaching the finish was awesome...we did slow down a tad as we didn't want to completely ruin a few folks who would finish near us. I mean...some people might not appreciate a  FABULOUS photobomb!
THE Finish Line was bloody EPIC!
Seriously I certainly have never has such a good time. WE did not have a PB - but I tell you we got a workout - were drenched (those wigs were hot) and yet we finished with the best feeling was the MOST fun you could have! And to share that epic-ness with a partner in crime was the BEST!
AT this point all kinds of people were asking for photos with us. The funniest part was a group of folks from Calgary (where WE LIVE) asked us to snap some shots. They did not recognize me - some of them who I have run with before! ha!
Ummm...I had to have help getting my medal on!
And more pics ensued with our friends - these ones recognized us!

Honestly...the BEST PARTY EVER
I also think what might be the funniest part of the whole costume - is that Rock n Roll cannot use any of our pics - the CIGGIES are verboten.
Darling, Sweetie, lets do this again!!!


  1. You just know how to throw a party!! Seriously I would CRACK up if I saw you in a race. I LOVE your humor, Tina ♥

  2. This is just so epic!! I need to do something awesome like this for a race sometime! I had so much fun racing in a tutu that a full getup would be amazing!!

  3. Awesome photos! Looks like it was a blast.

  4. This 10k was one of the best, most gorgeous, fun, well-organized races I've ever run! I was lucky enough to get to meet some of the members of the club that organized the original Seawall 10k in 1971. Very cool!

    FABULOUS to see you, as always, DAHHHHling.