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Sunday 6 September 2015

Strip at Night discount code

Who wants to come to Vegas? 

You know you wanna Rock n Roll and party every day --- and get some awesome medals! 

You have seen the medals, right?? Lookie lookie here

RocknRoll has given me a superFAB discount code for the Half and Full Marathons in Las Vegas on Nov 15th!  
Use the promocode CRANTINALV to get $15 off 13.1 or 26.2 - if you sign up before September 30th!
DO IT! You know you wanna!
Come run the strip with me - it is going to be a blast!!
Use code Crantina for all other 2015 races! 

1 comment:

  1. Last year I just happened to BE in Vegas when this event started but I had not known about it... I spectated and cheered my voice away at the 5k and also attended the fabulous expo.... I would love to go another time!