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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Off to Toronto to #RunHappy!

Back in July, Brooks Running and Strides Running Store posted THIS on FaceBook:
Your worst winter running look? The want a BAD winter running photo???
My first thought was...oooh maybe if my pic is BAD enough, I could get a new pair of runners!

So I submitted THIS photo with bad hair, bad brows, bad all kinds of stuff...
figuring it was a pretty good showing of why I might need help looking good to train this winter!
Background on this photo:
A bad snowstorm with epic wet snow, high winds and 10 miles ensured all of me was frozen!!
It's an epic representation of a long run in a Alberta winter, to be sure. 

Fast Forward to Mid-August and I get a letter informing me I was a GRAND PRIZE winner
(just fill this form out ... and answer a skill testing question)

I truthfully didn't believe it. 
But I filled in my paperwork and sent it get another confirmation email.
And then I phoned...still in disbelief.

Yup, I won an all expenses paid trip to Toronto!! 
So, my sister and I are off this weekend for an amazing whirlwind of activities which includes a makeover, photo shoot, a whole lotta awesome Brooks gear entry to Toronto #NightRace! My sis and I are doing the 5k - as she hasn't been running much, and I just finished Trailstoke race. 

To be truthful, I am not sure what exactly is happening or is all involved - but clearly there are some surprizes in store. Regardless, we are super excited and we leave first thing TOMORROW!

When I am back I will give you the download!!
Until then, check out my IG feed or Twitter! 
❤ I will totally will be posting some pics of my weekend action 
Brooks Canada will also be posting sneak peeks of the fun! 
#alltheFAB (indeed)

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  1. Congratulations on your win! That seems like a great prize. I hope you enjoy your race in Toronto! It's really hot here right now!