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Friday, 9 January 2015

Ready to #rocknblog!

Ohhh yes!!!
Have you noticed that new little badge on my blog?
Yeh, that one! wootie!
I was pretty stoked just a few days before Christmas to receive an email confirming I was part of the 2015 #rocknblog team! I knew as a 2014 rocknblogger I would be returning...but the announcement was pretty awesome to see, regardless!
soooo. wait. WHAT is this RocknBlog thingy?

The 2015 Rock ‘n’ Blog team is a community of health & fitness enthusiasts, social mavens, and certified selfie-takers. They make running fun, earn tons of bling, and will convince you to do the same! Rock ‘n’ Blog members are part of the team for one year and their goal is to get everyone as pumped about running Rock ‘n’ Roll events as they are. From letting you know what the latest and greatest news is, hosting tweet-ups, to that high-five at the finish line. The Rock ‘n’ Roll experience is about more than just race weekend and Rock ‘n’ Blog members are there every step of the way!

The buildup to applying (November of 2014) was kinda fun too...seeing familiar faces on the interwebs! And having people I had never met (and some I knew quite well) ask me about my RnR experiences (mind you I have only run ONE race...that is about to change now).
But in late December when the announcement came out I was swamped at work. I finally got a cryptic message from Susan who asked if I had received an email from RnR and then sent a link.  Where I saw THIS.
Seriously! We are almost beside each other! This is AWESOME!
I was so happy to see all the FAB bloggers on the page. Some I have met and know personally. Some I know of thru Twitter or IG. This is gonna be fun reading about all the rockin adventures.
As some of you know, I did Rock n Roll Vancouver last year. It was the inaugural race...and it was really fun be part of my first RnR in a new market! Vancouver is one of my fav cities. Plus I got to meet and get to know Nikki and Krista, too!

What this means for some of you my lovely readers is that ? It means that not only can I regale my awesome adventures, I will also have discount codes to share with you for Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon series. And, it will be kind of fun to meet up with you if we are at the same race :-)

Stay tuned in the coming months for some FABBY rockin updates!

There are so many great RnR locations to pick from – where to start?? I think I will deffo be doing Vancouver! Now to figure out where else I’m headed… Though it is pretty safe to say VEGAS is totally on the cards now....

ERmigahhhh What am I gonna wear??
Have you run an RnR race?
Which destination would suggest?
Do you have a FAV RnR race?


  1. I'm so excited to be part of this awesome team! Now I wanna run ALL the races! I am a 3xRnRChi girl and 2xRnRDen.

  2. Congrats on being selected again. You will make a great ambassador because you are genuinely believe in the races and promoting them. RNR lucked out with you and Susan!

  3. Can't think of anyone who could do the job better!! Congrats, Tina!

  4. Let's run all the races!!!! Congrats, so exciting :)

  5. I haven't done a RnR race before, but did destination runs in Vancouver the last two years. This year I think I'm going to stick to Calgary only runs tho. Congrats on being on their blogging team!