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Thursday, 22 January 2015

2015 #RunCalgary news

Many of you who know me know (or have heard of) the old me. The me who struggled to lumber through a 5k. Since 2009 I have gone from doing a 5km race in 45 minutes to under 30 minutes. Quite the journey. And, frankly, still such a long ways to go. But, as I hope this blog show, I have a hellova good time doin it!

Today...we have a little announcement of the Calgary Marathon variety! YES!!
As a Calgarian, I love me a hometown race. I have run this race a few times. Like 6.
In 2009 and 2010 the 5k. After losing 40 pounds I hammered out a 10k (and didn't die). Took on my first marathon in 2012, put in a solid half marathon effort in 2013 and followed up with another marathon in 2014.
2010: 5k(so hard); 2011: 10k (feeling fab); 2012: Marathon Euphoria; 2013: Love the Half
aaaand in 2014 ...relief at the Marathon finish (with my lovely sis)
This year? I am chasing an elusive Personal Best. I have been riding a steady pace, doing longer distances and I am now ready to get back to speed work, and hills and showing my half marathon a little love. So. I am going to run the most FABULOUS halfmara ever. 
I just ran my 34th not sure this one will be Numba 36 or 37 - depending on races between now and May!
And further in the FAB news department  ---> I am once again an ambassador!
Yup, I am officially a Calgary Marathon Forerunner.  
I know and have run with (or chased) fellow ForeRunners SusanPeterRachelJen!
And, can't wait to meet the rest of the ForeRunner team KaellaJennyKevin, and Rafael.
Check us out here!
 Being an ambassador also keeps me accountable .... I gotta write up my plan, follow it, keep you all posted. All while having fun with the Calgary Mara peeps! I love that this is my hometown race and I get to help promote it. I look forward to sharing the latest and greatest with you all.
It's mid-January, I have just finished a half marathon in a decent time - actually my fastest in a year*.
Yes it's sort of a big deal for me to say I want to run a PB/PR/awesome race.  I KNOW I can do this. I am stronger, I just need to concentrate on training. And keep on forging through winter to tackle this race to a best ever finish. It is a distance I love, one I know I CAN do...but I just want to have it be the springboard to #allthefabulous that this year holds.
#CMS #RUNYYC #RunCalgary
* OK. I know I RARELY ever talk time/pace here.
When I say I want a personal best, I mean it. In October 2013, I contracted Shingles (the one of the arsiest afflictions known to man). Prior to that I was on target to breaking 2:25 mins for a half.  I've yet to that since getting #stoopidshingles. But have consistently shown improvement EVERYSINGLERACE since February 2014. Every step towards this goal counts. I will do the same in 2015 as I did in 2014 - every half will be an improvement on the previous.
So let's get out there and kick some ass shall we?


  1. I love that you're going for a PR in the Calgary Marathon! Look forward to following your training journey and being a forerunner with you. Should be a great year!

  2. Hometown and home to most of my PBs too! You'll knock it out of the park, no doubt.

  3. You can do it! Chase that personal best down and jump on it! Bahhaaaa

  4. Delighted to be joining you for the ass-kicking! You will be awesome, AWESOME!


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