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Monday, 27 January 2014

Yeti: SnowShoeing Fun!

All of last week I was thinking WHAT was I thinking. Signing up for a race. The Yeti Race. A snowshoe race. When I have never put on a pair of snowshoes. Indeed.

Oh what the hell. Go with it right? It will be a cross training exercise. It will be trying something new. Branching out. Kinda like I did a few years ago with 5Peaks. And since Yeti is being presented by 5Peaks.

It was lovely and not very cold at all! It's been above 0Celcius all week. JOY!! But with that comes ice...but the snowshoes will be way grippier than running on the snow anyways. OMG. I am so going to bite it on the ski hill.

Yes...I forgot that part. Running up and then down the ski hill. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
The view as we got there to register...
I got my pal Tara to sign up with me! Power in numbers right!! We spent most of the time before the race staying warm in the day lodge....wondering how this was gonna go... and admiring out matching Sasquatch shirts (funny we didn't realize we had both got cute)

And then it was time to #getonthesnow and the the Yeti begin! 

But first a little jacking around... or is that getting our balance? 

 I think we were leaning on each other cause we were afraid of us falling over!! 
And then we were off! 
And going up the hill...
It was a shorter run. less than 5k. 
We got one the first lap and came round to do the second. 
But Tara and I missed a short loop and took off about half a kilometre. Even in doing that we were lapped by some of the amazing fasties out there. 

It is a heck of a workout and really easier than I thought I might be. 
It was so AWESOME and fun and cannot wait for the next race! I really wish there were a few more closer to Calgary ... maybe I will drive to Edmonton for one of theirs! 

Of course after the race there was some fun...warm bevvies, and prizes!! and protein! Pure Awesome! 

Have you signed up for a Yeti Race

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