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Thursday, 2 January 2014

on to 2014! #clink

So many people write about Resolutions. Making them. Breaking them. Listing them. Checking them off.

I am not once of those people. I do not make resolutions. I do make lists. But not always in regards to fitness. Usually. I prefer to make goals. And, well, then keep them a secret. #nosharezies

But well this year I feel compelled to write a few. And, heck, why not give a couple of resolutions too!
Maybe I will do all these too. I like this!

I shall...

1. Read More
Read the books on my shelf, on my list, and take the time to just get back to what I love.

2. re-Organize all things Tina
I need to purge, clean and organize. STAT.

3. Be Kinder. To ME. 
This past year (if I am to be honest it has been a FEW years) of struggling and feeling frustrated with myself of the fact that I was not 'good enough' or 'fast enough' (not just in terms of running either). A few times this year I crossed a finish line thinking I had failed due to the TIME on the clock. Thankfully, I had some wonderful friends and family who kicked my arse and said something to me. I hate to even write this...but I have really struggled the past 3 months of this year with shingles and feeling poorly (and feeling like I was not successful in attaining my goals). But it is the wise words of those I love and respect telling me, "You came back, you pushed on, you FINISHED. You cannot pout!" And they are right. My struggles and perseverance and determination at my last 4 half marathons this year (Edmonton Mara, Loop Around the Lake, Harvest Half and Last Chance Half) showed me that a PB was NOT happening this year. But respect, love, admiration and persistence DID HAPPEN. And that is what I will take into marathon training. AND to the rest of my life.

which leads me to ....

4. Do more cross training. Get Stronger - body and mind.
In order to be a better runner, and to stay the course, I need to spice up my life. Yoga, Cycling, walks in the park....whatever! I have to research and find other avenues. Not sure what yet...but I shall get on it. Wish I could afford a gym membership, but I cannot. But, I am going to see what I CAN do to make it a reality. Just. Keep. Moving. Forward.

It is those two resolutions that lead me to a goal. 
June 1st. 2014. the 50th Calgary Marathon

Not sure why I am nervous. I HAVE done this before. Just a lotta butterflies right now.

I am letting go of a time specific race goal. I am getting out there. I am going to work hard. Like I did for my first marathon. I am going to believe, and make it happen. #believe #persevere #breathe

I cannot at this time for financial reasons commit to a ton of races to help me push my goals forward, but I am going to do my level best to get every single mile in without regret, hesitation and moan. And, I know I have a bevy of pals out there with that same goal. #lettheasskickingbegin

I also have a goal to run more trails (come spring). 
It starts in January. Trying some shoe shoeing, challenging myself to try new things and keep moving to get stronger, and stay fit! And, above all, have fun. 

Those are simple resolutions and goals. And there are many steps and miles to go. 
And I am excited, nervous and hopeful. 
YAY, 2014!

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