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Friday, 22 March 2013

Bozeman - Run to the Pub recap

This past weekend I ran my first half-marathon of the season. I was a bit off  my plan, since I had planned to do one in February, but some surgery and 3 weeks off running sidelined me for a bit.

Can you say RoadTrip? My RBFF Calli drove a few snowy hours early Friday to pick me up in Calgary. Then we got a big latte and took off to the border. 8 more hours to Bozeman, Montana for my my first American race - Pub 317 Run to the Pub. When we got to the border, it was noticeably warmer. And as we drove into the state of Montana, the temperature seemed to lift! 

By the time we arrived in Bozeman it was over 11C (52F) - close to 20 degrees warmer at home. Hot Diggity Damn! We were freaking ecstatic. So at just after 5 pm we skidded into with about 30 minutes left to pick up packages!! oooooh....then to shop in the running store...then to the hotel.

Dinner that night was divine. We found a great sushi spot Dave's Sushi Off Main. It was great sushi. And (yes you read it here) I drank a BEER! This Canadian has found a beer she loves! Helloooooo ColdSmoke Scotch Ale. Oh holy good! (seriously I do NOT drink beer! I love it so much i brought home two cases!)

And we are off...the start of the race...

What? This is the line to the loo?!?
The view at the Startline!

And the FINISH!!! 

Best. Medal. Ever. 
Thank you Dr Jon!
Neil finished in 81 mins! He's a God!
So ... the race... well I finished in 2:30. I was feeling pretty good most of the race. Though I knew getting out of the gate I was not on the pace I wanted. I just wasn't "on". Now maybe it is because my training was not optimal and I wasnt fully ready. Surgery in January. No running January 27-Feb 11. But the route was scenic. GORGEOUS. So just deal and run. Breathe in the fab mountain air and enjoy an amazing spring day! Its freeing at home...get going! And post-race I felt great! I did feel a little disappointed that I finished 6 minutes off my best time. I was a bit sad I didn't have a PB. Once I got home a friend reminded me ... It's March: You finished less than 6 mins off your best time. You had some surgery  2 months ago and had 3 weeks off. Shut UP! Celebrate this run!!!  He's right.

It was a great weekend. I have tons of pics of a fab arty town. We are so coming back!!!! Thanks Bozeman for a FABULOUS weekend! xo

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  1. I was there too!! and I saw you and your friend, I remember the skirts my sister and I had them on to, I think we saw you before we loaded the buses too right by the port o potties? we could have had a blogger meetup! maybe next year :) here are the links to my recap and pictures