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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Journey of epic proportion

Last year around this time I vowed to get back into running with more dedication.  I resumed my fairweather runner schedule in March with an eye on a few races. Went thru disastrous breakup and job loss. The only thing that seemed to help me feel human was running. Then I sprained my ankle. I was crushed. Then, I decided to rehab the hell outta the ankle. By the end of April I was back atter. With a vengeance

Picked several races to do. Decided to do a half mara by fall. FOCUS.  

Slowly but surely since June (and with the help of two half mara classes) I have gone from a size 16+ to a size 10. Lost over 12 inches and 40+ pounds. All by a lovely combo of stress, diet and exercise. Mostly exercise. People want to know my secret. It's easy. GET OFF YER ASS.

I guess I am a runner. This past year I logged 1,162km since March. Ran three 5km races, two 8km races, 11 10km races and two half maras. 

I have had what some of my fitter friends have been taken aback by my rapid progression and fantastic pace drop.

I went from running 5km in 40+ minutes (best time prior to 2011 was 38 mins) now being able to nail 5km in 30 or less minutes. 10km went from an hour and 20 minutes to  best recorded time in 2011 of 1hr and 3 minutes. I might even be faster than that now. 

"...And you don’t do that by sitting around.” — Katharine Hepburn

So where do I go from here? 

The HypoHalf Triology awaits. Three half maras in our lovely Alberta winter between February 11 and March 4th. Another Half in April. Then my first  (GASP) marathon in May. 

What have I signed up for??

Gotta say I am scared shitless about the mara. For the first time it won't be about time. It will be about completion. Still...I haven't wrapped my head around that aspect yet. I have a lot to lear. And a long ways to go. 

Maybe this blog will help me get there. 

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