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Sunday, 1 January 2012

December Running Streak

Strides Holiday Running Streak
Inspired by the Runner's World Holiday Running Streak!
The Challenge: Run at least 1 mile per day for 31 consecutive days in December.

Day 1: 6.25km in 39 mins. Great night run.

Day 2: Day 2: crikey! totally slippy enroute home from work. walked 1 mile ran just shy of two.  Feeling slack. But I promise do do 1mile sat, 10 mile Sun 
Day 3: good god this little blizzard after i walked home (about a mile and a half) - had to walk briskly as i was wearing a skirt and had my big handbag...but had trainers on!)I promply got running gear on and ran around the hood for 20 mins. 2 miles and a bit...or maybe it felt like that cause of all the bloody blowing snow and cars sliding by me.

Day 4: Had clear intentions of doing about 17km this morning for a glorius long run. It was a LOT snowier out on the pathways than anticipated. Sorry guys. I finished 9 miles in a blaze of glory. Now have to hustle off to work! Did it in an hour and 25 so that was ACE, too.

Day 5: it is way too GD slippy out. only did one lousy mile as i wiped out quite badly and limped home. grrrr. off to soak. It WILL be better tomorrow.

Day 6: next time i have a day off i am doing a LONG run and forgoing stupid housework instead of wasting my time doing laundry and dishes and vacuuming THEN running. meh. Running first. I must remember this!!!! did a quickie 30 min run, forgot to set my ipod, but expect i did about 5k. 

Day 7: OMG! I am headed straight to a hot tub with epsomsalts. I am so freaking cold. Almost 10km in mins 10 with a nasty wind. But Day 7 of my challenge is checked off! (No one in my run group showed up tonight. lameos)

Day 8: hip sore from hill wipeout last night. Managed a brisk  couple miles to work and then home. no ipod, but it had to be 3-4 miles based on time. Hopein i warm up for tomorrows run! 

Day 9: Usually a rest day. Did a short 5km run after work. As I got dressed and strapped on some shoe spikes (I borrowed em from my auntie!) I smiled and thought "Whoa...I counlnt have THOUGHT about doing this last year. I DO have something to b proud of! Yay me!! A year ago I struggled to finish a 10km run in 1 hr 21 minutes. Today I think of 5 as an EASY run in about 31 mins. And 10 is awesome at under 1 hr and 3 mins, and not a struggle at all. Under an hour is around the corner, I know it. Heck so much has changed for i think that 10 miles is totally doable and not some arduous unsurmountable task! LOVE IT!!!!! It's a beautiful night, a full moon, and I only wish I had more friends who ran (who live near me ...) HAPPY HAPPY Friday my fellow streakers. xoxo ps - am totally sad i couldnt get a lovely shot of the moon tonight. WHO is getting up to watch the solar eclipe tomoz??

Day 10: a shortie...3 miles. Tomorrow a nice long run. And this weather rocks!!!! 10 miles or bust. Foamie McRoller and I will have one hot date afterwards. 

Day 11: 13 km in 1hr 23 mins. Not bad for havin to plow throu a lotta fresh show!! Feet ABSOLUTELY SOAKED!!! Had a bath then promptly fell asleep for an hour. yikes.

Day 12:  Jogged almost all the way to work (had to walk some of the way after 15 mins due to non existant sidewalks) then tonight i walked home at a VERY brisk pace - not able to talk kinda pace ish (this crisp weather cleared my head.

Day 13: Eeked out 3 miles. feels so slack. 

Day 14: I feel bad. I ran 2 miles today. It was my day off I know I should have done more, but had 4 diff appointments and ran out of time for a REAL one before seeing Prince hit the stage. But 2 is better than none. 

Day 15:  Another 2 miles today. Man, I am feeling like I need a "real" run, but mean work schedule is impinging on running time. CANNOT WAIT til Sunday when i can get a nice long run in! 

Day 16: A very quick morning jaunt of about 2 miles. Followed by Work (9 hrs at work, followed by Theatre Calgary production of A Christmas Carol, then back to work for 3 hours for a midnight madness sale. bed...cant wait for a nice morning run.

Day 17: Hardest day so far. jsut so tired from work, managed to eke out a 4km run. I had alarm set for morning run with you at the store...but i jsut needed more sleep. sort of kicking myself now. looking forward to sunday long run and a day off monday which will allow me to have a nice run day (evenif it is my normal rest day! )

Day 18: meh. What a day. Got in a mile though. Sort of feel guilty for missing my long run this morning. 

Day 19: Oh today is grand. It's amazing how a day off makes you feel. Had a nice sleep in, ran almost 5km to massage appointment. Had my glutes and quads rightly worked over. Then ran home. ahhhhhhhhh.

Day 20: Today was hard...due to looong day at work. squeezed in a 3km run to work. Walked home to get me back in a good mood. feeling groovy now gotta make some lentil soup to keep me going for the week. 

Day 21: i ran 10k in about an hour and 5 mins. I think. Both iphone and nano died at the 7km mark! felt good to get in a decent run after work. I needed it today.
Day 22: egads. hard to do a couple miles this morning. had to get in in BEFORE work though. :-) 

Day 23: Done this morning with a 1,5 mile run. Added a brisk 5k walk to and from work too. Gosh. Today's 10hr work day was loooooong

Day 24: Just a quickie in today. Barely 2km. Feeling a tad tired from work.

Day 25: It's zero degrees!! Crazy. Managed a 4km run. Walked another 1 km. a bit to icy. Some sidewalks were way too snowy and slippy!!!!! Merry Streakmas!xoxo

Day 26: ‎30 minute run after a 11+ hour day at work. my dogs are barking. :-)

Day 27: Took the LONG route home tonight. Ran 8km in 53 mins. Gorgeous night to do it! Hope this weather keeps up for a few more days!  

Day 28: Hit 145 km today!!! woohoo. really only 3 more runs? wow! 

Day 29: Did 7km in 44 mins tonight. Am I getting faster? Or did the wind push me along?? Now having some yummy homemade lenti and smoked turkey soup while trying to avert my gaze from the iltalian amaretti's calling my name. 

Day 30: A Shortie today. Just a couple miles...

Day 31: Finished the last run of the year...ran every day this month for a total of 160 km. Did 1162km for the year. Lost over 40 pounds. Its been a year I would probably much rather of forgotten, quite frankly.20122 will be a LOT better. ♥Thanks to my lovely friends and family for being there for me ♥

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