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Monday, 29 June 2015

Calgary Womens Run: 37 years of FAB!

OMG!! Do you remember this??  
(I know..this is totally giving away my age!!)
Bonne Bell! c'mon! Admit it. You had a collection. I totally did. That is until my little sister ATE the orange, strawberry and Root beer ones. Heartbreak ensued in my pre-teen years when I found her tiny bite marks in MY Lip Smackers ... oooh the memories! So what the heck am I goin on about Bonne Bell for? little trip down memory lane has to do with running, to be sure. Bonne Bell was the first sponsor of the Calgary Women's Run ...

This year the Calgary Women's Run turns 37!
Yup, 37 doesn't seem that old, does it?  But it's one of Canada's oldest women's runs.
Back in the Day...CWR circa 1981:
HEY I had those shorts!
Back in 1979, the Calgary Roadrunners Club was contacted by Bonnie Bell Canada about the creation of a10km run series for women. (Back then, Bonnie Bell Cosmetics and Avon were leaders in the push to get more women into running AND get long distance running into the Olympics).

I was surprized when a pal of mine didnt realize that 1984 was the first year Women participated in the Marathon at the Olympics. (She was born that year!) Do you remember that momentous occasion?? I sure do! I remember several of my grade 10 teachers talking about it.

Sooo...the Calgary Roadrunners Club, added this race to their schedule of events ... and the rest is history (click that history tab to read up on the race)!

I have joined in on this fun race since 2011 - and look forward to celebrating in style again this year. It's a great race, has amazing prizes and is a great (aka fun, fast, flat) route. Who doesn't like to run along the river? AAAAND - early bird ends on July 1. So, come join me -- there is a 5k and a 10k distance - great for everyone! 

Race swag has always been great. There's been jewelry or bags in past couple years. This year's FAB swag (if you register BEFORE July 23) is handmade fused glass pendants from NikNaks! The design is a secret, but her designs are beautiful - and have been given as AG prizes at other local races.

Last year I received a gift certificate from Lakeview Bakery - I used the certificate to purchase pizza crusts, bread and even a few treats over several months. Yup, score on such a useful prize! One of my other girlfriends won a year of yoga, another some gorgeous jewellery. One of gals I work with her mom won a new bra and another of my running pals got new trainers! Seriously....awesomeness.
 some snaps from last year ...

REGISTER for the race HERE. IT costs $40 - which is a pretty good deal. The volunteers, sponsors make it worthwhile. NOT TO MENTION that every year the race gives back significantly to the community. This is something I really like. This year's proceeds will be donated to :
Connections Counselling and Consulting Foundation - a registered charity that provides family support to parents with an intellectual disability and their children, and individual counselling to persons with an intellectual disabilities.
I figure...local, awesome prizes and a great group of runners to make your day. Sounds like a plan to me. Hope to see you out there -- race day is August 23rd!!


  1. This looks interesting! I'll check the dates! :)

  2. Nice post. Great to read about the history of these races - especially this one!