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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Before and After: Floods in my 'Hood!

Before the floods, During the Floods and After the floods....

A few shots showing how some of the roads and paths are faring after the flooding!
I am so glad to see one of my favourite running areas about 10 mins from my house. 
The pathway was been washed and cleaned, and is looking back to normal. 

Memorial Drive took a LOT of water...
It is crazy to see these pics and know a 4 lane roadway is under that water!! 

The clean-up looked like a hellova mess, but it is getting there. Right now it is mostly dried silt leftover. And not too much damage. Thank Goodness!!! 

At the end of my run on Monday, I saw the best sign. I summed up the gratitude many of us feel about our city, emergency workers and volunteers....

Seen at the end of my run! Sums it up PERFECTLY!

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