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Monday, 18 June 2012

To the Market we Go!

It's been a while since I posted.

I've been recovering from the Marathon. Working. Applying to bunch of jobs. Trying to get my life back on track. And running. Running seems to be the one thing going right. And so I have neglected my blog.

The Millarville Half Marathon was Saturday, June 16th. I was ready. Feeling a tad nervous due to the fact that I had barely run (compared to what i was doing pre-marathon) but my bod needed a rest. So I did shorter runs. And jammed out of a couple longer (10-12km) runs when it pissed rain.

And then worried that maybe i had "lost my training" for a half in a few weeks. ha! Anyhoo the night before the race I left work, jogged (sort of a half-assed run) home, ate some spag, then got my running gear ready and jazzed up a halfmara run mix! BAM! bring on the 5 am wake up call. 
So I am up. And off to Millarville, a nice drive to the "country". Then i gotta pee. BAD. I still freak out and worry there is no way of peeing before the gun goes off. But I do. And its all good and I am READY!

This run is gonna be a nice 21.1 km point to point jaunt. Start in the town of Black Diamond and then through Turner Valley and through the lovely pastures that take us into the finish at the Millarville Farmers' Market. Woohoo.

And the gun goes off. and the first couple k are a bit rough. Not bad, not "glorious". I decide to run the first 5k outright, then see how i am doing time-wise. Trouble was that "doodie" the ipod decides not to work. oh well, I have my tunes. So I run. And 5km seem to go off pretty good. Not sure of pace, but I feel good. Just before the 5km mark I do slowdown for the water station. Then at the 6km mark (i think) I take my first walk break.

It goes well. The views are glorious. I don't feel too stressed, or taxed. Maybe I should go faster? But I hold back. What if I peter out too soon? And then kack it at the end. And so before I know it 10km is done. We've run through a couple towns, past a golf course, and on some great pathways off the highway! Very picturesque. And I am dying to ask what is the pace. I don't.

Then we hit the 11 and 12 km spots. Not bad. I slow a bit. Am prodded and pick up the pace again. AND...I do NOT have to pee. Bonus! Or use the portapotty. But as I pass it I wonder if I should have gone in. Bigger Bonus!
Now, this course was touted as being net downhill. With some rolling hills. And one email from the orgnaizers warned us of a big ol hill at about the 13-14 km mark. But, honestly, this race seemed to have a LOTof hills. Big LOOONG hills. The glory of running in the country was that you can see forever in some of these parts. (Especially at the TOP of the hills!)

AH! the beauty of the countryside in Alberta. LOVE IT!
Still, it was a hell of a mental test for me. I ran. I even ran up that damn hill! huzzzahhhh!!! What ws also grand, too was that there seemed to be water of Gatorade every 3km. So jsut when you thought, "UGH!" there was cheering coming from 'round the bend. These volunteers rocked!!

I think I did well. No. I did very well.

I took 6 minutes off my best half mara time. Thing is I didn't push enough the last little bit. I should have. But hey, finishing a few seconds over 2 hours and 25 seconds felt great. And I know i can beat that time. But I think what I loved best of all is how FAB I felt afterwards.
Part of me still thinks that I should have left more out there. Come in with the dry heaves. But I can do that another time. but....

Hot damn, i just ran my 6th half marathon of 2012. 

Yeh. I rock!!!

 But my foot hurts. My toe specifically. It's been bugging me since the 12km mark. So finally nearly an hour after I finish the race and get back to the car and take off the socks and shoes.


WTH is that disgusting bloody blister that is about to burst!

Well ain't that some badge of honour. Ummmm. This badge effing hurts.

 So I get home and soak my troubles away. SIGH.

And pop the beast of the blister. Much better.

Still, within 24 hours I lose the entire nail and have a nice rosy new flesh kinda toe.

Today (Tuesday) it finally stopped hurting!

I am thinking that pedicures are sooooo NOT happening this summer. Bugger.

I guess I can live with that! Bring on the next run!!!

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